Jerry Jones / U2 / 1990's / Orange / Guitar

This is a really nice Jerry Jones U2 from the 1990's.  I've owned it for about 16 years, and haven't played it much since I bought it.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Jerry Jones manufactured very high quality repros of Danelectro guitars in Nashville, Tennessee for many years.  The quality and design were an improvement on some of the original Danelectros' weaknesses - an improved bridge, a truss rod, better tuning machines and upgraded electronics being some of the most important.  Sadly, they aren't being made any more, and are very hard to find in Europe.

So, if you love Danelectro's but don't want to struggle with bringing an old one up to dependable gigging condition, a Jerry Jones is ideal.  This one in particular comes in a very cool orange color, with the six-saddle adjustable bridge and adjustable truss rod.  The frets are in great shape, as is the back of the neck.  There's a bit of buckle rash on the back (see photos) and a few smudges on the binding tape on the sides - I suspect those would come off with a bit of household cleaner, but they haven't bothered me so I haven't tried.  Case is original and in very good condition.

It plays like a dream and has the unique and very cool Dano sound in spades.  Simply a great guitar for less money than a vintage Danelectro and a much better instrument than the Korean or Chinese reissues.

I have much larger photos available if you need them.

The guitar is in Devon, UK, and you're welcome to come play it if you're local.  If not, I pack very securely and have many years' experience in shipping guitars safely.

Thanks for looking!



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