Jolana / Tornado / 1960's / Red Devil / Guitar For Sale

Original Paint! Great condition for such 50 years vintage guitar (except some scuffs tiny cracks so please see pictures to understand the condition). Fully working onboard electronics.

The most legendary semi-acoustic by JOLANA, launched into production in 1963.

The body is made of maple plywood, based on GIBSON ES-335, painted in "royal purple". Maple neck with an overlay of ebony is attached to the deck using the four screws that pass through the metal neckpate. The mensure of instrument is 630 mm.
The unfastened metal bridge with the ability to adjust the height of the strings and fine tuning. Tremolo, combined with the tailpiece is quite successful variation on Bigsby and works in both directions.

Schematic diagram guitar pretty fancy: three single pickups manages five push buttons and four potentiometers!
The upper left key switch allows you to select one of two modes of operation of the circuit. When a key is pressed, only the middle pickup is sounds. In the second position of the middle pickup is disabled, but the neck and bridge pickups starts to work. Volume regulated by their respective potentiometers at the bottom right. The remaining two keys are responsible, respectively, for the inclusion of the LF and HF filters. In fact, the whole system is a development of two-channel scheme as on FENDER Jaguar.

Thus, you can quite quickly get almost any sound - with only one "but": it will be clearly old-school sound. No you BLINK 182 :)

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