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Hi ! :)


Why pay 4000 £ / 4550 Euro / 34.000 Danish Kr. for a reissue stack when you can buy this great original from 1969 for just a fraction of the price for the reissue ?

The stack is ,to my knowledge, all original (besides the tubes) - it only needs a pair of your favourite 12 inch speakers to complement the original pair of Goodmans "Greenback" speakers and a bit of wire/soldering...

Years ago when I bought the stack it already were missing two out of the four original Goodmans "Greenback" speakers, so I fitted the cab with a great pair of old UK made V30's to complement the two original Goodmans "Greenback" speakers and played with that for years, cause it sounded fantastic!

Now the V30's are gone and used in another amp and because of limited time and space, I have to clean out in in my collection of gear..

I hate to see this great piece of Rock N' Roll history go, cause it plays/sounds really awesome compared to some many vintage amps I have owned/played through the years and also cause of the fact that it has never let me down :) 

The amp has been used alot for both guitar and bas with great results.. and the cab can really take the umphh and the massive power of the amp - a perfect match ;)

Currently the stack is living in Denmark, but it would love to go anywhere if it's possible :)


For further questions - just ask! :D

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