Marshall / 6100 Anniversary Series / 1995 / Black / Amp

Marshall 30th Anniversary (1995) Limited Ed. Headstock in black (from 1995) Switchable power from 25 to 50 or 100 Watts / Modes: Triode-Pentode (3 or 5 valves) It is usually recommended to always use it with 5, and Hi Power, so as not to wear more than others, and to get 100% of its performance. It has a general master + independent volumes on each channel ... so you can enjoy its best sound, always controlling the volume ... to play at home by yourself without disturbing anyone or going deaf Low-Hi Power rear selection Valves: 7x ECC83s + 4x EL34s CHANNEL 1: Super clean! = that the Satriani Signature CHANNEL 2 = 3 modes. Mode A = JTM45 vintage / Mode B = crunch = JCM800 / Mode C = heavy metal = JCM900 CHANNEL 3 = Solos: Maximum distortion Custom made flight case (as a gift) 3-button pedal to change channels New valves from a few weeks ago (demonstrable with invoice) Since then I have not used it (all the valves are 100% let's go) Finished checking by official technical service: Track adjustment made It is completely clean inside (finished by the technical service) Made in england Includes power cord * 1 owner only. I have had it since the first day. Always in a flight case. It is impeccable !! ** I include a gift flight case and black fabric soft cover, with Marshall Logo, bought in Uk The most versatile Marshall of all / Any style, all sounds !!

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