Marshall / Artiste 2040 / 1972 / Black / Amp For Sale

For sale a fantastic almost 50 year old tube amplifier from Marshall, 2040 Artiste 2 x 12 combo from 1972. Unusual design, British response to American productions. Two independent channels, one with reverb. 4 inputs, the ability to cross channels. The amplifier does not overdrive as fast as other Marshall designs. It lets you enjoy really great clean sound and beautiful spring reverb. Of course, it's just as well crunching. Point to point construction, hand-mounted elements on the board. At the end of the EL34 tube, on the 12AX7 preamp, all tubes are measured, in very good condition. Original G12H30 15Ohm loudspeakers from the era, fully functional, in very good condition. The visual condition corresponds to age, was played :). Inside like new!  Never modified. The amplifier had one owner since new.

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