Marshall / JMP50 2104 Master Model MK2 Lead / 1978 / Black / Amp For Sale

A chance to buy a vintage and highly desirable amplifier. These amps are considered one of the best combo amplifiers ever made by JMP. I bought the amp in about the mid 1980’s, but have never used it. It’s been stored indoors (not in the loft) and so not exposed to damp.

I’ve tidied it up a little bit so that original scuffs, dinks and rusty screws and fittings have been repaired or replaced, so it’s in pretty good nick.

The date code on the amplifier pack is “Tested 21/11/78”. The serial number is S/A 09701K, the ‘S/A’ indicating it’s the 50W version and the ‘K’ indicating it was produced in 1978.

It’s not had any valves or capacitors replaced by me, and I don’t know the history of the amp before that except that I bought it from a (now closed down) music shop.

I'm not going to do a big write up on the amp, these things sell themselves and if you’re looking for one then you probably know what you need to know already.

Despite what people may say a 1978 JMP and early 80's JCM800 do not sound the same, the JMP is a lot more natural and warmer sounding, much more organic.

These are getting harder to find, especially in original form. Grab a piece of history!

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