Martin Freres / 1820's / 1820's / Wood / Brass / Woodwind For Sale

This is an 1820's Martin Freres Clarinet. It's serial number is 4.  When I purchased it, it was on in playing condition. The clarinet was covered in a black paint, the keys were tarnished, all the join wrapping was coming off, the mouth piece was broken. I stripped the black paint off, polished the keys, did a complete repad which included making all the leather pads as well as had a friend who is a violin maker make a new mouth piece for it seeing as this was made before standard sizing of clarinets. I have played this clarinet both at church and Civil War reenactments. Because it is only a 13 key clarinet the fingering is different. I have another friend who is an apraiser look at it and say it is worth between 5-6,000.

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