Mesa Boogie / Dual Rectifier / 2014 / Black / Amp For Sale

Head + Spekers + Flight Case (all included) Dual Rectifier Guitar Amp Head

MESA / BOOGIE has had its famous and already established dual and triple Rectifier models revised to make them even more versatile. Here meticulous comparisons with its predecessors and also with the older 2-channel versions have been taken in. The goal was to take all those nuances that made the Rectifier a legend, and then to improve on those aspects.

Power: Selectable 100/50 W per channel


Class A / B power


4x 6L6 tubes


5x 12AX7 tubes


2x 5U4 tubes


3 Channels with 8 modes


Selectable and channel assignable dual rectification (tube / silicon diodes) ​​per channel


Series FX loop


Slave Out


Incl. 6-way footswitch, slip cover


Speaker for Electric Guitar

Equipped with: 1x 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers


Tilted design


Load capacity: 60 W


Impedance: 8 Ohm


Jack input


Dimensions (H x W x D): 505 x 476 x 285 mm


Weight: approx. 14.5 kg


Colour: Black


Made in USA

Yamaha FX770 Processor + Wireless + 3 Flight Case are Gifts!!

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