Mesa Boogie / MK IIB / 1981 / Amp For Sale

MESA BOOGIE MK II-B oak-wood with 1-12"Electro EQ REV Voice


Mesa Boogie MK II B with graphic equalizer 60w/100w amp with an EV 12"Speaker in a beautiful oak hardwood cabinet with cane grill.  Not a single scratch on the amp!

Custom Ordered in 1981 and got it with all available options, including presence and reverb in the back and also includes a switch that allows for playing in areas that have odd voltages.

As others have pointed out, Mesa Engineering was one of the first companies to get into the "boutique" hand-made amps business and this is a perfectly preserved example.

It comes with the Anvil case. (I've taken out the foam because it's starting to disintegrate - you can put new foam in, something better than the old stuff.)

I replaced all the tubes five months ago - matching pairs. Has EV 12" speaker. (I opted for the EV.)




I've recently started playing again and I LOVE this amp!!! Hate to sell it but .... ugh .... oh, well. Your gain!




It truly is beautiful and has a spectacular sound (60/100 watt switchable) -- but I'm guessing you know all that and much more.


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