Mesa Boogie / Transatlantic TA-15 / 2010 / Black / Amp

The Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 is an extremely versatile "Old School" amp. 4 12AX7 power tubes + 2 EL84 in the previous / Class A = 5 and 15 W - A / B = 25 W Clear, bright, crystalline clean sound with all the rich bass you want. Crunchy, subtle, crunchy distortions with punch, ranging from the thickest rhythmic sections to the sweetest solos. 2 independent channels: Green (clean) / Red (Saturated) The green channel has a Booster and the option to cut the higher frequencies that enter the power tubes. The Red channel has 3 modes: -Tweed: Clean that can get dirty reaching considerably powerful distortions. -Hi 1: Ideal for thick rhythms -Hi 2: The best option for Solos Both channels can be switched from 5 to 15 and 25 Watts (which is where it gets all its tonal explender) Ideal for home or for the rehearsal room. Super light weight: moves very easily with one hand. Heats up the valves very quickly: in 5-10 minutes you are ready to give your best. Very few hours of use. I'm very happy with the amp but I don't use it anymore (since I don't have a band, don't rehearse with other musicians and since I have my little daughter, I don't have time to play practically even at home) I include the cables, the footswitch and the original travel bag. I hope you go to a good home and find someone who takes advantage of the wide variety of sounds it offers (it has a built in booster too) It is a pity that currently they no longer manufacture more of this model.

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