Polytone / Mini Brute / 1985 / Black / Amp For Sale


Vintage 180 Watts Polytone Mini Brute Quitar Amp. It's probably the III-model, since it has a 15-inch speaker and no reverb. The exact year is unknown to me, since it doesn't seem to correlate with other MB-III models.

In 1968,  after a very successful career as a jazz performer and recording artist,  Tommy Gumina started the Polytone Amplifier Company.  Tommy had been designing and building his own amps since the '50s and since then has been helping players such as Jim Hall,  Joe Pass,  Herb Ellis,  George Benson and Peter Leich get that quintessential jazz tone in live performances and on recordings!

Polytone Artists include Ron Affif, Howard Alden, Ron Anthony, George Benson, Dan Brennan, Norman Brown, Jimmy Bruno, Herb Ellis, Jim Fox, Jim Hall, Vail Johnson, Carol Kaye, Peter Leitch, Mundell Lowe, Dave Stone, Phil Upchurch, Buster Williams, Barry Zweig and many more.


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