Rickenbacker / 360 CW/6 Carl Wilson / 2000 / Jetglo / Guitar For Sale

This is number 77 of a very limited run. They made 500 in total, most of which in Fireglo and 12 strings version.  Jetglo 6 strings very rarely come up. This one is pretty much in mint condition, as you can see on the picture. It is a fun and inspiring guitar to play, and I am really sad to have to let it go.  It has just been pro set up and plays great. In addition to the increasing collectible value, what makes it superior to the standard 360 is

1) the quality of the wood (both the maple body and the rosewood fretbroad)
2) the thinner maple top which adds a great deal of resonance 
3) the vintage style toaster pickups 
4 the kluson tuner 
This is what Rickenbacker says about specs: 
Similar to the model type 360 as produced in 1965 
Carl Wilson's signature reproduced on the upper pickguard 
Checked body binding 
Wood is specially charactered maple body with Rosewood fret board 
Special thin top for increased acoustic performance 
Twenty-one fret neck with vintage inlays 
Vintage style square heel 
Two scatter wound vintage-style Toaster Top™pickups with 7.4K ohm coils 
Dual mono parallel output 
Vintage reissue silver Tolex guitar case 
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