Simmons / SDS-V / 1981 / Red -Orange -Yellow / Drum For Sale

Simmons SDS-V The Original Electronic Drum kit Famous for the UK 80's sound - with Analogue "Brain" Drum Synthesiser module from early 1980`s in rare Orange / Red / Yellow 

This set of Simmons SDS-V drums is in original non-adjusted or adapted form, this set was bought as a home plaything, and has had very light use. It has all the connection cables to the control /amp unit with power plug, all functions are working - it is a little dusty as the set has been in secure dry storage for 9 years in New Zealand.

The drum kit has 5 drum pads, there is no Bass drum pad, there is no Hi Hat foot pedal. The "Brain"  (Analogue Drum Synthesizer) with all connector cables to the 5 pads, the original power in cord & that's it.

In very good condition overall, there are light scratches on the "Brain" case /cover & one drum pad has a small hole in the outer shell.


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