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Slick Guitars SL 50 Custom Relic / Solid Swamp Ash/ Video
Model: SL 50 Custom Relic
Year: 2018
Finish: Solid Swamp Ace
Manufacturer's country: USA
Category:Electric guitars
Subcategory: solid body

Condition: Impeccable


Logo with serial number on the plate, behind the neck; brand sticker on the head.

This is a "relic" style guitar, made and modified, on a new guitar... by Luthier Joseph Wilson (New York City). So we work with paints and scuffs, finishing by hand with "shellac".

With 010 strings (used), so that the buyer can put the thickness and brand they prefer. / Con cuerdas 010 (usadas), para que el comprador les coloque el grosor y la marca que prefiera.

Video & photos:

Recorded without effects or pedals (DV Mark micro 50 w).Very versatile guitar for jazz, fusion, pop, rock, etc ... !!!. The photos and video have been taken before the date of sale.

The "Custom tele" model is unique... and is made to order; 1 Volumes and 1 Tone / 3 way switch / Includes soft case and neck key. Weight: 3.8 kg

The classic tele type, Single coil Pickup formula done up Slick Style! 
What's the formula for incredible Guitar sound?? Oh how about using the BEST wood... The BEST hardware...The BEST tuners....The BEST pickups...And finish it off with the thinnest finish, hand massaged to give you the warm, silky, old-school feel of a guitar that's been on tour for a while. 
Yeah that's how we do it.

DO NOT underestimate this guitar just because it's so ridiculously affordable. Look- This is the real deal. Designed by Earl Slick in his New York studio. Each body is SOLID swamp ash. Necks are SOLID Canadian Hard Rock Maple. Fingerboards are Indian Rosewood. This is a serious recipe for tone. Weight: 3.8 kg
Hardware? You want Hardware? Slick spec'd out the best. It all starts with our wraparound bridge- machined from a solid billet of BRASS- No finish. Raw. Naked. Nude. The knob is a machined brass billet piece as well.

The tuners are our own design, with a bronze crown gear and bronze pinion gear and SOLID BRASS knob- the result is a tuner with basically NO backlash. It's smooth and very accurate, and you'll stay in tune!

We put a graphite nut on every neck, hand slotted. The tilt-back headstock allows us to get the exact correct string break at the nut for ALL SIX STRINGS, and no string trees mean better tuning stability. Each Slick guitar is strung with a set of New York made D'Addario EXL110 strings. 

 We're running a Fender-Standard 25 1/2" scale length, a 43mm wide nut and a 12" fretboard radius. The neck has twenty two nickel-silver 6105 profile medium jumbo frets, leveled, crowned and polished.

 Where the Slick SL50 really distinguishes itself is with the PICKUPS. We use a pair of Slick Brand, HAND AGED Tele pickups. We use the SL119 "Fullerton Lead" in the bridge, and the SLP121 "Fullerton" neck pickup. These are true authentic vintage pickups- ALnico V sand cast rod magnets, Formvar wire, bridge wound to a STOUT 9.4K and the neck to a Leo-Approved 5.6K. The pickups are not just built from the right stuff, but we hand age them- both cosmetically and magnetically. They look like old pickups... they feel like old pickups... they sound like old pickups.

The feel and vibe is enhanced and preserved by the completely unique way that we finish Slick guitars. The solid ash body is NOT wood grain filled. It is NOT sealed. NO Polyurethane fillers. It's raw. We spray a single coat of old fashioned automotive paint and sand it back. The pores don't get clogged so the wood can breathe. It works. It sounds better. Louder. Fuller. You can feel it instantly.

The SL50 is a unique guitar, with a tone, feel and sound unmatched by anything under a grand out there. Try one. We think you'll be hooked!







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