Stella / Oscar Schmidt 'Decalcomania' Concert Guitar / 1930 / Decalcomania / Guitar For Sale

Rare Oscar Schmidt Stella concert guitar, 1930s, Decalcomania-era.

If you love these old Oscar Schmidt Stellas, you know what you’re looking at!

I love the Oscar Schmidt Stellas, especially the ‘Decalcomania’ models, referring to the prints on the body, the decals. “Decalcomania (from the French décalcomanie) is a decorative technique by which engravings and prints may be transferred to pottery or other materials. Today, the shortened version is "decal."

And I’m not the only one into these great American pre-war guitars; Robert Johnson, Lead Belly, Charlie Patton, Doc Watson, Willie Nelson, Blind Willie McTell, Skip James, BB King, Son House and even Kurt Cobain ( ‘Polly’), they all played the (Oscar Schmidt) Stellas.

Oscar Schmidt’s company created in the middle of the 1920s, crisis years in the USA, the decalcomania-series. Those decals were cheaper than wooden decorations they did before.
These guitars are so beautiful, decorated with flowers or playing cards (the Stella Gambler-model). And this particular guitar has been conservated extremely well, one of the best I have ever seen.

The great Stellas are the pre-war models, from the time Oscar Schmidt ran the business, that is from 1899 until 1939. After WWII, Harmony re-issued Stella-guitars, mainly cheap student models for the kids in the 1960s. Cool, but very different from the hand-built concert guitars Oscar Schmidt created.

The Oscar Schmidt Stellas are rare, especially the decalcomania-models. And if you find them, very often the action is too high, the intonation is not right… Remeber these guitars are 90 years old!

The good thing? This guitar comes from an American luthier’s private collection. It has been set-up and restored perfectly. This one plays like butter! The neck has been reset, is straight, and gives you a very comfortable action on the V-shaped-neck. The intonation is perfect.

The sound is the Stella-sound. I refer to the old Mississippi bluesmen, Stellas have a very magical and special sound. Those who know Oscar Schmidt’s know and love this sound.

I pimped my other Stella (not for sale) with a 50ies DeArmond soapbar pick-up, to get the Howlin’ Wolf-sound. I love the looks and the sound. But you can easily amplify your Stella with a microphone or a K&K Pure mini-pick-up, in order to amplify the acoustic sound. 

If you like Stellas, this is one of the best for sale, at the moment. Set-up perfectly, and unique, very well conserved looks. A beauty, a pure beauty.

Comes with a very hard case.

Testing? In Antwerp, Belgium.
Contact me for a shipping quote. 

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