Trace Elliot / Elliot Velocette Twin Combo In Black / 2000 / Amp For Sale

Here for sale 2000s Trace Elliot Velocette Twin Combo in Black. Great sounding 2x10 stereo combo made by TE. The amp features stereo real coil reverb, 15 all-tube watts per side. The amp has that sweet tone for days and it's the same construction as Gibson Goldtone amps! It's in very good condition and comes as pictured.

Please note this amp is a 220-240V version but can work with 110V (US and others) via step-up transformer (not included). Due to weight and size, please contact me for a postage quote before you buy.

More info: Designed by amp guru Paul Stevens, the Velocette series was built in the Nineties in the Trace factory in Maldon, Essex, before Gibson bought the company and moved production to Chicago, rebadging them Gibson Goldtones. They all sound great, but the Velocette Twin is the top of the range and a truly remarkable bit of kit…powerful, portable and sonically stunning.

The original Velocette was a great sounding, super touch-sensitive, no-frills 15w Class A 1x10 combo, inspired by the classic Vox AC15 circuit, with just single volume and tone controls.

The Velocette Twin features two discrete Velocette EL84 power stages, each driving its own Celestion Vintage 10 driver and feeds them from a tube preamp, adding reverb, a footswitchable gain boost and a stereo effects loop.

But the REALLY clever part is a truly amazing and unexpected trick with clever phase splitting on the output of the spring reverb returns the reverb IN STEREO, via the twin power stages and speakers - a sound which truly has to be heard to be believed.

Sit playing in front of the amp, and you’ll swear this lush, sweet-sounding reverb is coming from behind you! Run it out through a pair of spread extension cabs (it has stereo speaker outs, switchable between 8 and 16 ohms to match your cabs) and the sound is quite mind-blowing. The same applies to the effects loop (switchable between series and parallel modes) which can also bring back delay and modulation effects in full, swirly stereo.

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