Vox Amps And Effects / Starstream Type 1 VSS-1 Modeling Electric Guitar Red Frame / Black Body / 2018 / Guitar For Sale

Here for sale Vox VSS-1 Starstream Type 1 Modeling Electric Guitar Red Frame / Black Body. Created to provide a wide range of sounds including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synths and other stringed instruments, the VOX Starstream Type-1 is the ultimate instrument for players looking to redefine the electric guitar and what it can do. Whether you are playing with a band, in the studio or practicing silently at night with headphones, the Starstream Type-1 offers exciting new possibilities. The unique frame construction is three dimensionally contoured for maximum comfort, easily conforming to your personal style. Equipped with a smoothly shaped neck, unlimited upper fret access, warm-toned resonant wood body, specially voiced magnetic pickups and a balanced, easy to use tremolo system. The guitar is in excellent condition and comes with a gigbag.

Please contact me for shipping as there might be slight delays for some destinations, but sure can work something out.
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