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George Harrison's amp and cabinet discovery in Cheshire man's equipment archive collection. This amp and cabinet were used for all the lead guitar work by George Harrison on 'Revolver' and 'Sgt. Pepper'. A Manchester amp repairer discovered George Harrison markings under 50-plus years of grime, i.e. under the tarnish on the surface of the amp chassis. It had to go in for repair after it being loaned out for a recording session in Salford in February 2011.

In April 2011 Tim Scott of ITV News described the amp and cabinet find as one of the most important amplifier discoveries in the history of pop music - 'Revolver', which is just one of the albums George used this amp on for all the lead guitar sounds, is already voted as the most important rock album of all time.

In April 2011, the rare George Harrison amplifier and cabinet were filmed in use by a guitarist in the Cavern section of The Beatles Story. The Beatles Story then exhibited it for several months. The amp and speaker cabinet display identifying marks relating it to The Beatles on the amplifier chassis and in the speaker cabinet. The equipment was examined for the ITV film by Billy Kinsley of the Merseybeats, who was at some of The Beatles' Abbey Road recording sessions and used to write about Beatles equipment for The Beatles Monthly magazine, and Billy has confirmed it is definitely George's amp from Abbey Road. Billy said he was not surprised that George's name was scratched on the amplifier chassis as he recalls that as The Beatles had amassed artist promo equipment like amplifiers by Vox, they loaned equipment out to bands who were not as well off, particularly George, who loaned equipment to Apple artists like Badfinger. Billy says George got Mal Evans to scratch 'George Harrison' on the chassis of George's Vox amps.

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