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Vintage Electric solid body

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Vintage Electric solid body Guitars For sale offers a wide range of Vintage and Custom electric solid body guitars for sale that could fit your needs. An electric solid body guitar can be used for most genres of music, so it could be the guitar for you! Can’t find what you want? Check back often as our page updates regularly.

An electric solid body guitar works in a strange ways. They have no hollowness inside to accommodate for vibration and no sound holes, like those in chambered bodies, so that the strings also won’t vibrate. Electric solid bodied guitars are mainly made up of hardwood and lacquer, and it can take from 3 to 6 months for the wood to be ready to be moulded. The string vibrations are picked up and converted to an electric signal, then fed to an amplifier, where the sound of the guitar will be fed outwards so that we can hear. Electric solid bodied guitars have to keep the kilohertz low enough so that humans can hear the sound.

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