Gibson / Explorer 100 Anniversary / 1994 / Guitar For Sale

11pt. diamond on the Gibson head stock logo
5 pt. diamon on 22K plated top that knobs
jeweled sterling silver serial number embedded on the tailpiece
gold plated top hat knobs with embedded 100 Year Anniversary Logo
Mother of pearl inlays including  a 12th fret 100th Anniversary Banner
22K gold plated anniversary Orville Gibson Coin embedded on the back of the head stock
hand tooled leather case, complete with outer covering
hand tooled embossed leather strap with 100 Year Anniversary Logo
Certificate of Authenticity for each guitar


MJ Guitars GmbH, Germany  

Contact name:
Stefan Eyernschmalz
A lot!
German & English
Vintage, rare and highend new guitars, basses, amps and effects
Opening hours:
MJ GUITARS GmbH Pariser Str. 32 . 81667 M√ľnchen. International Phone: 0049 89 483351. E-Mail:

MJ Guitars Munich - the guitarshop - is a music store which is specialized in guitars and bass guitars, electric and acoustic, and all the gadgets guitarists and bass players need.
We offer a large variety of new guitars, starting at a low price level, but we also have high priced custom shop instruments in stock. Used and rare instruments can be found  as well as  top vintage instruments, all  for a reasonable price. The store in the Pariser Str. 32 consists of the main showroom, a room just for amps, another room for bass guitars and bass amplifiers and the Vintage Lounge which offers you the possibility to play an acoustic guitar in a quiet environment. We try to ensure the high quality of all the products that we offer. We are selling cables, strings, effects, straps, cases, gigbags etc. just from those manufacturers that have proven their top quality over the years.

The Interieur design of the store creates a nice atmosphere and makes every musician feel welcomed.

  Opening hours

Monday until Friday:
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Pariser Str. 32 . 81667 München
Tel +49 (89) 483351  .  Fax +49 (89) 44109689

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