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Rare, Custom and Vintage Vintage Guitars

Rare, Custom and Vintage Guitars For sale offers a wide variety of vintage guitars. Our listings include dealers of both electric solid body guitars, other electric guitars six string and twelve string guitars. We also offer vintage guitars for sale in various woods including ash, oak and maple just to name a few. Not to mention polycarbonates.

So whether you play, rock or jazz, classical or punk, you are sure to find the right Vintage guitar to suit your style whether it be a Archtop or Electric guitar. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, please check back often as our listings is always changing.

The vintage guitars on our page can be more than 100 years old, but mostly has been created post 2nd world war, in the 50's and 60's and are produced by Fender and Gibson amongst others.

Today guitars are broken down into two basic categories: Accoustic guitars, which are played unamplified; and Electric guitars which use amplifiers to produce their unique sound.


Take a look below at our selection of amazing vintage guitars.


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by Thunder Road Guitars the 04/05/2012
Yesterday I was boxing up a beautiful 1961 Fender Musicmaster, which is heading to our new friend David in France and I was inspired by a certain something the guitar had going on. It wasn’t the look, the tone, or the feel, although those features are all fantastic, it was the smell.  Yes, the smell.  You see, some vintage guitars and cases have a certain scent to them. Not a nasty or musty smell, but rather just the smell of something that has aged well over 50 years. Most the... Read more
by Thunder Road Guitars the 30/04/2012
We're doing a cool giveaway at Thunder Road Guitars! Simply "Like" the Thunder Road Guitars Facebook for a chance to win yourself a TRG shirt and a box of Daddario strings of your choice! Once we get 750 likes a winner will be announced. Read more
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1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Elite 80 / Henrik Berger

1980 Gibson Les Paul Heritage Standard 80 / Henrik Berger

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