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For over 30 years Carson Crickmore has created instruments for people who appreciate the difference between a guitar that is hand-crafted and one that is manufactured.

Phil Carson Crickmore was born in Melbourne Australia in 1956. At an early age Carson Crickmore showed great aptitude and interest in creating works in wood and music. These interests were encouraged by family and friends and at the age of seven started formal lessons in guitar playing. By the time he was sixteen in 1972 he had secured an apprenticeship in Cabinet making and furniture making under the guidance of German born Master Cabinet Maker Helmut Woder and life time Mentor Gordon Harold Charles Crickmore Master Artisan and Design Engineer and Researcher.

After completing his apprenticeship Carson Crickmore began to show interest in the possibilities of building guitars, Research and development of finding out difficult to obtain information Carson Crickmore put together a small workshop together in 1980 in Warrandyte Victoria and started to build his first guitars and under the mentorship of Master Violin and Cello maker Warren Fordam, Carson Crickmore was introduced to the world of stringed instrument making, at his workshops in Monsalvat Eltham Victoria.
Over the next few years Carson Crickmore continued to build a small number of guitars and continued his professional development. In 1984 Carson Crickmore was accepted in to the State Craft Centre in North Melbourne Victoria and for the three years Carson Crickmore produced a large number of individually designed hand built guitars which were sold through his workshops and through retail.

Up to date Carson Crickmore has been consistently building and producing stringed instruments and is now building from his workshops in Brunswick Melbourne.
His work as Master Luthier Mentor, Teacher and educator is now in demand and his reputation has grown nationally and internationally Carson Crickmore ethos is to produce a limited number of Instruments per year and to continue to refine his techniques and knowledge in the pursuit of great instrument making.


Carson Crickmore Guitars, Australia

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