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Christina Kobler

Christina Kobler was born in Rohrbach, Upper Austria in 1984. Influenced by her grandfather, who worked as a carpenter and furniture restorer in his basement workshop, Christina, at a very young age, began working enthusiastically with wood.

Music played a pivotal role in her upbringing. She started playing the guitar even before primary school, and later on she attended Rohrbach Music School for a number of years.

After meeting Martin Pühringer, a harpsichord-builder, and watching him work in the pleasant and productive atmosphere of his workshop, Christina discovered her passion for building instruments.

Curriculum Vitae

2003:     Matura (Austrian Higher School Certificate)
2003:     Began studying at the Fachschule für Instrumentenbau in Hallstatt
2007:     Awarded Apprenticeship Diploma
2007:     Master Class in Hallstatt
2008:     Graduation in Master Class
2008:     Completion of Master Craftsman Certificate with High Honours
2008 - 2010:     Member of a Lutherie Company
December 2010:     Opening of Master Workshop for Building Guitars in Haslach


Christina Kobler Guitars, Austria

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