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Deimel Guitarworks Video Center
Deimel Guitarworks / Firestar Bass / World Premier 2013 / Vintage & Rare
Frank Deimel showing us the new bass model within the great Firestar range - The Firestar Bass. This bass provides serious rock tones. One of the best sounding and playing rock basses we have encountered in years!
Presented exclusively for Vintage & Rare at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013.
Deimel Guitarworks / Firestar Customs / Fine Boutique Guitars / Vintage&Rare
Frank Deimel from Deimel Guitarworks in Berlin showing us 2 different takes on the Firestar model. 
Deimel Guitars / Thomas Andersson / Firestar Custom demo
Danish guitarplayer, Thomas Andersson, demoing a Firestar custom model fra Berlin based boutique builder, Deimel Guitarworks.
More info on Deimel guitarworks on link above and more on Thomas Andersson here:
Bill Frisell played an encore song on the Deimel Firestar at his recent concert at Schinkel Kirche, Neuhardenberg, Germany, July 2013.
Deimel Firestar ONE guitar and SIX players!
This is the new »Firestar« guitar made by Frank Deimel of Deimel Guitarworks, Berlin. 
Deimel Doublestar »Raw Tone«
This is the new »Doublestar« guitar made by Frank Deimel of Deimel Guitarworks, Berlin. 
Der E-Gitarrenbauer Frank Deimel
Ein Film von Tinia Würfel. Dies ist ein Feature über den E-Gitarrenbauer Frank Deimel und seine Firma Deimel Guitarworks. Sein Werdegang und seine Ansichten über ein gutes, schönes, und klingendes Instrument werden hier vorgestellt. 
This is a little feature movie by Tinia Würfel. It describes the luthier Frank Deimel and his shop Deimel Guitarworks. Frank gets interviewed, and explains, how he got into building guitars, and what he thinks a good guitar should look, sound and be made of.
Frank Deimel - Firestar - Montreal Guitar Show 2012 by Brice Delage
Premier Guitar: Musikmesse '13 - Deimel Guitarworks Firestar Bass Demo
Premier Guitar: Musikmesse '12 - Deimel Guitars Firestar Demo