Dilemma Lutherie, Netherlands Netherlands

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  • Rob van Leuven

  • Dilemma

  • English, Dutch, French, German

  • Handbuild custom guitars and irish bouzoukis

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Building stringed instruments has been a passion ever since my college days. Demand for my instruments is now growing and so I have turned my passion into my second business, building four types of instruments mainly aiming at folk, blues and jazz musicians and singer/songwriters: parlour guitar, irish bouzouki, parlour bouzouki and my own design: dilemma. All instruments are handcrafted by me in my small workshop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and I would be more than happy to build a fine guitar or bouzouki for you too!


Dilemma Lutherie, Netherlands

E-mail: info@dilemma-lutherie.com

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