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You have reached the VintageandRare page of pedal makers EMMA electronic.

We've made 4 pedals, the DiscomBOBulator, the TransMORGrifier, the OnoMATOpoeia and the RezaFRATzitz. These pedals have been very well recieved and we're working on more pedals that will be as groundbreaking as our first 4.

You might think: 'Why the funny names?', we say: 'Cause they are funny'. As serious as we are about our products, as much fun we'd like to have. Coming up with these name are a fun ride in itself, so I guess that is you're answer right there.

And maybe thinking about it... hmmmm...... Having such hard names might make people actually try to make an effort trying to remember them. Who'd remember a name like: AutoWah200XXL light or something. Then DiscomBOBulator are more fun trying to stick to your memory.


Emma Electronic, Denmark



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