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"Art is the freedom of expression"

I want to explore, and thats what you can do with the electric guitar!

We build upright designed modern electric guitars for the demanding player. All aspects of our guitars are well-thought- out. You won't find any 'mojo-vodoo- parts'on our guitars, unless they really keep their promises.

On the basis of our models each custumer can customise his guitar to his needs.

I started to learn my trade in the workshop of my father, on of the precisest carpenters I met so far. He was building copys of very old and precious furniture.

After an apprenticeship as carpenter and during the time of my academic studys, I worked for several interesting companys. 

On of them was Mercedes- Benz in Stuttgart, where I worked in the design and development department and really learned what quality means.






Hans Guitars & Repairs, Germany

Please, feel free to visit me in my workshop in Tübingen, Germany. Tübingen City is worth a trip! 

For all the others: The best way to contact me is via e-mail or phone.

My Workshop adress:

hans guitars

Bei der Fruchtschranne 10

72070 Tübingen (Germany)

+49 7071/ 1449418

+49 172/ 4069 259 (mobil)  

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