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Gabriel Lanzi. Industrial Designer and Luthier.

His huge passion for automobiles let him to study in a high school focused on Industrial Mechanics and then Industrial Design at university with the goal to become a Car Designer.

During the course of his studies he blended them with his other passion: music.  He became passionate of art and design as a broader discipline able to be applied in other fields.

Building at first instruments for himself, he learned the luthier craft. He found in this the perfect balance between art, design and technique he was always looking for: this is why he loves what he does.

He counts with the collaboration of his father Alfredo Lanzi who is an Electronic Engineer and a very passionate of music. His career began in the ‘60s being a pioneer on guitar amps and professional audio design and manufacture in his area. Today he is an expert on valvular amplification and is in charge of client’s sound requirements.

Lanzi instruments and amps are a balanced merge of art, design and engineering. Developed for those who want more, who appraise craftsmanship and that don’t be afraid to innovate.   



Lanzi Luthier, Argentina


Phone: +54 9264 5021603 

Address: Salta Norte 1762, casa 6 CPDRJ5400. San Juan. Argentina

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