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  • Pablo Sánchez Otero Guitars

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  • Hand made guitars: spanish guitars, electric guitars and basses, steel string acoustics, mandolins...

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After learning instrument making in Spain, UK and Belgium, and with previous training in furniture making and design, I've just settled my new workshop in A Coruña, Spain. I build mainly classical, steel string acoustic and electric guitars, but also electric basses, mandolins and other plucked instruments.

With every project, I wants to achieve three goals: sensitivity and response to the musician’s needs, comfort for the player, and aesthetics regarding shape, construction and colour. Another pillar of my work is the careful selection of the raw material, regarding the cutting, seasoning and also the sustainability and respect towards each piece of wood. Unique instruments adapted to the needs of every musician.


Pablo Sánchez Otero guitars, Spain

Phone number: +34 675 13 53 88

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