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  • Taisto Heinonen

  • Taisto Guitars

  • English, Finnish

  • Custom guitars, Electronics

  • 9-18

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  • AROK SERIES AROK series is a new custom guitar family with wide personalization possibilities. All guitars have as common feature 25-inch scale, 22 frets, semi-hollow body, integrated neck-body structure. Wide customization feature set include e.g. many choices for bridge, cutaway style, knob layout, fretboard and inlays, pickups, finish and many more. Wide list of guitar features can be adjusted according to personal needs. Guitars in picture are customized AROK-WG and AROK-TM. More info:
    https://www.instagram.com/taistoguitars https://twitter.com/TaistoGuitars


  • Henri Aalto plays with Taisto Guitars AROK-WG custom guitar "Sunday Morning" at Helsinki Tonefest Demo Club at Kulttuuritalo 9th Feb 2019 AROK-WG is wraparound bridge variant of AROK series custom guitar. This guitar is also customized with piezo system for acoustic sound. Guitar series basic features are: 25 inch scale, 22 frets, easy access to high frets with angled neck-body integration, arched top and semi-hollow body structure. Guitar series offers wide range of customization choices starting from body cutaway styles, bridge types, knob control layouts to most of already known TAISTO guitar customizations.
  • Summary about Helsinki Tonefest 2019 held 9th February at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland. Photos and videos from Taisto Guitars booth and Demo Club session. Henri Aalto plays guitars in Demo Club session. https://www.taistoguitars.com
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