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Vintage Heads

Vintage Heads Amps For sale

Heads have been part of the amplifications world for years now, being developed back in the 1990’s, and provide undisturbed, pure amplification for guitars and bass. They are sturdy and stack up well and are somewhat similar to a normal cabinet. The only difference being that the output signal is played through a wire to a speaker (or two) separate from the cabinet itself.

Some guitar and bass players say that having the output speakers on a different wire in a different box means that the output amplification will be purer and undisturbed by the tweaking going on inside the actual cabinet. Heads come in a variety of materials and are quite compact. Some form of cabinet is critical for a band so maybe a heads cabinet is for you. has lots of heads on sale that could highly influence your music live. They have a loud, amplified speaker output for bass and guitar and are very affordable. Can’t find what you want? Remember to regularly check back here as our listings will update with new offers regularly.

148 Vintage Heads for sale from dealers, builders and luthiers

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