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Vintage Percussion

Vintage Percussion Drums For sale

Percussion instruments create sound when hit, shaken, rubbed and smacked and so on. When an object makes contact with the instrument, the vibrations produce the sound which can be heard. After the human voice, which is produced through the larynx, percussion instruments are thought to be the first ever musical instruments created, dating back to early civilization with evidence that the earliest men created what is known today as percussion instruments.

For percussion instruments, in the past it has been difficult to classify them, and therefore that’s why there are many classifications today. Percussions instruments can do harmony and melody, as well as rhythm, and tends to be referred as the backbone of musical ensembles. They play pivotal roles in almost every single genre of music, and thus are widely credited in the musical world. has lots of percussion instruments for sale that could be great for your music. They can add great backing beats, have stylish solos and really add a zest to an ensemble. Check our listings now and see what catches your eye. Remember, if you cannot find what you are looking for, regularly check back at as our listings often update.

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Peter Jacobson

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New Zealand
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