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Vintage Buffer/Line Driver

Vintage Buffer/Line Driver Effects For sale

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Vintage Buffer/Line Driver Effects For sale

A buffer is an electrical instrument that keeps the amplification signal in tune and time, no matter what’s plugged into your amplifier. It’s better to have shorter cable’s plugged into your amplifier, but if you perform your music with longer cables plugged in, then a buffer/Linedriver could be of use to you.
Buffer/linedrivers came in the 1980’s and vastly improves smoothness and sound from wires at a distance. It inputs and drives a stronger signal through to the transmission line that increases the quality of the output from the amplifier. It does this by maintaining a specific bit error ratio. offers a great range of buffer/linedriver products for sale that would be a great help to anyone who amplifies music with long cables. Without a linedriver product the music could sound more gritty and rough. And remember that if there’s a specific buffer/linedriver product you want, but you can’t find, regularly check back here at as our listings are constantly updating.