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Danelectro Semi-hollow body Guitars For sale

Nathan Daniel got his start by making amplifiers for Epiphone, but left to open Danelectro in 1947.  He soon began creating guitars for a number of major distributors in the United States under a variety of names.  Danelectro guitars were sold under the name of Airline (for Montgomery Ward), Silvertone (for Sears), and Danelectro.  Almost ten years later, Danelectro guitars came to have a certain look about them, as Daniel introduced some uniformity to his models, including poplar wood and “lipstick tube” pickups.


Many great artists have played a Danelectro, including Billy Bragg, Syd Barrett, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, John Lee Hooker, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Waits, and Thom Yorke.

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A.J. Lucas A.J.Lucas Airline Alain Mazaud Aria Pro II B&G Baldwin Baldwin Bell & Hern Custom Classics C. F. Martin & Co Collings Coral Cort Crucianelli Danelectro Danelectro Davoli Wandre Dearmond Deimel Guitarworks Dorian Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Duesenberg Dusenberg Eastman Eastman Eastman Guitars Eko Eko Elie Crucianelli Elite Crucianelli EP Tone Epiphone Epiphone Epiphone / Gibson Epiphone Hamish Stuart Epiphone Japan Fano Fender Fender Fender Custom Shop Fender Custom Shop Fibenare Framus Framus G&L USA Galanti Gherson Gmp Gould Goya Rangemaster Gretsch Guitars Guild Guild Guild Guitars Hans Guitars Hans Guitars Harmony Harmony Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage Heritage Guitars Hoefner Hofner Hofner Guitars Ibanez Isana James Collins James Collins James Trussart James Trussart Joe Striebel Kay Kay Kent Knaggs Kopo Guitars Lacey Guitars Lanzi Liuteria Garage Made Magnatone Marceau Guitars Masterbilt Masterbilt Masterbilt Maton MC Guitars Meazzi Michael Lewis Guitars Mion Guitars Mirabella Guitars Mosrite Mosrite Murray Kuun Nik Huber Guitars Noah Guitars Ovation Overload Guitars Pagelli Guitars Paul Reed Smith Prs Red Rocket Guitars Ribbecke Rickenbacker Rickenbacker Rickenbacker Guitars Rosetti Rufini Fine Instruments SAMICK Session Rocker Silvertone Silvertone T.P.Customs Guitars T.P.Customs Guitars T.P.Customs Guitars Taisto Guitars Taisto Guitars Tao Guitars Taylor Taylor Teisco Teisco TLL Tokai Univox Ventura Versoul Vox Vox Vuorensaku Wandre Wandre Woody Woodcasters Yamaha Yamaha (japan) Zemaitis

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