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Rare, Custom and Vintage Pianos

Rare, Custom and Vintage Pianos For sale

An Antique piano is a type of musical instrument that is played using a keyboard. Although pianos are bulky and often expensive, its versatility and ubiquity, make it one of the most popular and familiar musical instruments in the world. Pianos are widely used in classical and jazz music solo performances, ensembles, chamber music and as accompaniment.


The piano’s date of origin is still unclear and under debate. However, it is generally accepted that the piano was first developed in approximately 1700. Pianos produce their sound when a key is pressed and a felt covered hammer strikes tight steel strings. The word “piano” is actually a shortened version of its original name “piano forte”. Piano forte is generally thought to mean “soft” and “loud”, respectively. Referring, to the ability to control the level of sound produced by the Antique piano in terms of how hard the player strikes its keys.


A large part of the most admired piano compositions, for example, those of Mozart and Beethoven, were composed for a type of piano (pianoforte) that is quite different from the modern pianos that these songs are normally performed on today. Nevertheless, the piano has been, and remains a highly essential instrument in most Western musical genres, ranging from Western classical music, and jazz, to film and television. Furthermore, most of the world’s most famous composers are also seasoned pianists. The keyboard provides an excellent means of exploring melodic and harmonic interplay, and as such it is a useful tool for composition.


Modern day pianos come in two basic operational designs – grand pianos, otherwise known as horizontal pianos, and upright, or vertical pianos. Some of the most renowned piano makers include: Baldwin, Bechstein, Behr Brothers, Blüthner, Bösendorfer, Broadwood, Fazioli, Feurich, Förster, Heintzman, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Overs, Pearl River, Petrof, Pleyel, Schimmel, Streingraeber & Söhne, Steinway, Stuart & Sons, and Yamaha.


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