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Vintage Lute

Vintage Lute Stringed Instruments For sale

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Vintage Lute Stringed Instruments For sale

A lute can be classified as an instrument with a long neck and a deep round back, although lutes do have their own specific family. Lutes are made almost entirely out of wood, bar the strings, which tend to be made out of either silk, nylon or animal gut, typically cat gut. Lutes can tune in to many different pitches and tones and still have their say in modern day music.

Lutes can add a lot to a performance, whether it is a solo, duet or a whole band, they add great backing music, or even as one of the main instruments. They have their way in lots of music genres and were popularized in the 1950’s. Lutes' original creation derives back to the 19th century and they have been used consistently right up to the present day. has a great range of lutes on sale that come in a variety of configurations. They can have different materialised soundboards, strings, they can vary in shapes and sizes and much more. So if a lute sounds like something you want, take a look at our listings, and remember, if you can’t find the lute you want on our listings, check back soon as our listings update often.