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Dirk Witte is a family owned musicstore that was founded in 1939 in the Netherlands. We deal in new, used and vintage musical instruments and related gear.

You'll find a selection from our vintage inventory on this page but we generally have a lot more items in stock. So if you can't find what you are looking for here please message us.


Dirk Witte, Netherlands

Barry Witte 3rd generation musicshop owner, market has changed quick sinds the 30s.My grandfather started with acordions only, my father and uncle started with the nice Gibson's And I'm more and more vintage minded, I buy worldwide by visiting guitar shows in the US, and sell thru my brick store, online and participate in a lot of guitar shopws thru out Europe. Have a weak spot for old jazz guitars. Looking forward to meet new people. And feel free to ask my quistions.

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