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Amarant & Stageshop has been working from January 2005 as the premier guitar store at
the service of musicians. Behind the STAGESHOP.HU webshop there's an actual store,
we're not only virtual.

The high quality acoustic guitars sale of our core business, but we also offer a unique and old (vintage), electric & acoustic guitars, amplifiers and accessories as well.

Our most important goal is that our customers return to us with pleasure, enjoy themselves, and find the best guitar, which hopefully will be perfect for them through decades.

Our luthier service has the best equipment and it is one of the premium workshop in Hungary. We are proud that we have made repair jobs for many foreign clients who give us their trust. We've made restoration jobs for Juan Carlos, Muriel Anderson, Alex de Grassi, Walter Lupi etc...

Stageshop is the largest stockist of guitar and amplifier parts in Eastern Europe with immediate supply. More than 1,500 type of guitar parts and more than 50 types of amp tubes can be found in our shop constantly, and of course custom orders can also be served with short delivery time.

Welcome to Stageshop!

Ernő Galambos - CEO and owner, Zoltán Tóth - luthier service director and owner


Stageshop Kft, Hungary

Address: 1011-BUDAPEST, CORVIN TÉR 6. Hungary

Tel: +36-1-2015700


Terms & conditions:

General section:

All orders are conducted exclusively electronically through the web
shop, over the Internet.

All personal information provided are stored to ensure the fulfillment
of the contractual obligations, and for proof of the contractual
conditions. Data will not be provided to any third party and follow
all data protection laws during their use.

The prices displayed are the actual consumer prices. In case of a
technical error incorrect prices appear, we will be contacting you
over the phone or in email before the completion of the order.


While the process of ordering is simple, in the best interest of both
of us, please be especially attentive when ordering.

Choose the wanted item.
Choose the shipping address and method of payment
Provide the requested personal information (if you have not yet
registered before). Only the starred items are mandatory to fill out.
Double check the information provided
Send order


Normally, confirmation is sent within a few minutes. Within 1-2
workdays we note the exact date of shipping, including all shipping or
recipient information. We also send an email after the package has

Conditions of Payment:

Cash on Delivery service requires cash payment to the parcel service
delivering the package (only available in Hungary). Alternative
methods of payment include pre-payment using bank transfer or credit
card payment through Paypal's payment system.


DPD delivery service is used for packages under 31 kilograms. For
packages over 31 kilograms we may use alternative shipping methods (TNT, UPS etc.). Overseas shipping is possible, we use only UPS.
You will be contacted to discuss possible shipping options. Shipping
takes 1-2 workdays within Hungary and 3-6 workdays within the EU.

Recipient information and packaging.

Please throughly inspect the package upon delivery in the presence of
the person who delivered it. The package should contain the following:

 - the ordered product
 - product manual and warranty information (when supplied),
 - original invoice

IMPORTANT: Please open the product with care without much damage to
the shipping materials. This could simplify the process in case a
return is needed. We only accept the product in the original
packaging in case you decide to return it.


We complete the transactions at the prices displayed at the time of
the order. Prices are confirmed upon time of order. The prices
include the Value Added Tax. We reserve the right to change prices.

For orders outside the EU:

In case the purchase is completed and delivered to a non EU country
(like Switzerland, Norway, Serbia, USA, etc.) we will always contact
you before finalizing the purchase. For non-EU purchases, the 27%
Hungarian Value Added Tax will not be levied. On the other hand,
these items will have to go through the customs of the receiving
country and customs fees will be levied by the government of the
recipient country. The amount of these fees depend on the recipient
county and the price of the item(s) purchased. Please always contact
us prior to purchase.

For customers with EU community tax number:

If you are in possession of EU community tax number, we do not levy
the 27% Value Added Tax. If you have such a tax number, please always
contact us prior to purchase.

Money-back guarantee

Order carefully! Order the goods you have chosen only when you are sure they completely fulfil your expectations. If you are not sure, contact us through an e-mail or call.

You have the right to withdraw from a deal, unconditionally, as specified in detail in Decree 17/1999. For your safety, we offer a money-back guarantee on goods that are not to your linking, on condition that:
fewer than 8 working days have passed since your purchase,
you can produce the documents related to the purchase (invoice, warranty, etc.),
the goods are undamaged, complete with all their accesories and returned in their orignal packaging.

NOTE: If a guitar damaged (like cracks etc.) by unpleasant temperature during shipping is the risk of the buyer!

Important! Spare parts already replaced, open containers of lubricants, cleansers and other care items, strings as well as sale and discount items are not covered by the money-back guarantee.

Return policy and procedures:

*put the item back in its original packaging,
*wrap carefully and seal,
*post to the address on the bill of delivery, using the green delivery slip (inland postal package). From out of Hungary, returns are processed by Stageshop through the DPD service.

Important! Cash-on-delivery goods cannot be returned. We debit the cost of transactions from the purchase price. The costs of returns (of delivery to the customer and transport back to the supplier) incurred on the basis of the customer’s right to withdrawal are borne by the customer, even if the customer did not have to pay for delivery.

Having the purchase replaced in person (at the Stageshop premises) is by appointment. Write to call +36-1-201-5700 in office hours for further information, queries, requests and problems.

Warranty for products supplied are in concordance with Decree 117/1991.

For spare parts, the invoice is the warranty card. No separate
warranty card will be supplied.

For spare parts, the condition of the warranty is professional
installation by an appropriate service facility (this is especially
true for electron tubes).

Manufacturer Warranty

Since manufacturer warranties are supplied with different conditions
and different warranty periods, please contact us via email at or over the phone at +3612015700 during business
hours with any questions.

Data protection:

All personal information provided are stored to ensure the fulfillment
of the contractual obligations, and for proof of the contractual
conditions. Data will not be provided to any third party and follow
all data protection laws during their use.

Shipping Costs

We are shipping our all products to overseas like USA and CANADA. Shipping fee depends on weight, dimensions of pack and destination. For example Furch acoustic guitar shipping cost is about 220-250 US Dollars to USA by one of major parcel service is UPS. Please ask shipping quote before place your order.