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  • Gibson Custom Shop, Fender Custom Shop, Grosh Guitar, Tom Anderson, Gretsch, Vemuram, Carr Amplifier, Supro, Walrus Audio, EVH, Bare Knuckle...

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Guitar shop located in Taipei, Taiwan. We sell mostly high-end guitars, amps, effect pedals. Also available on oriental musical instruments. Dealer of Fender Custom Shop, Gibson Custom Shop, Carr Amplifier, Vemuram Pedals, Tom Anderson, Schecter Custom Shop, Gretsch guitar. Feel free to ask any question via email or phone.


UD Music Center, Taiwan

Email:  tzuwen.chen@gmail.com Phone:  +886922348681

Address: Zhong Xiao E Sec 4 181Ln 40 Aly, B1F, Taipei, Taiwan 106

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