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Artesound / SuperDrive 50W Head / 2024 / Antiqued Larch Wood / Amp For Sale

Artesound SuperDrive 50W 2-Channel amp, with Active FX loop.

Artesound SuperDrive 50W is a Dumble Style amplifier based on RFords #102 cirquit, with an added active tube effects loop. The amplifier has an very rustic antiqued finish in larch wood.

- 2 channels in 'cascade' .

- The clean channel has great American very Fender like vintage sound, which remains clean at a very high volumes, providing a great platform for pedals.

- The drive channel has a very smooth distortion, full of harmonics, with sounds ranging from blues - classic rock to hard rock. This channel has an incredible sustain and at the same time a fast and precise attack.

- A series of switches complete the possibility of shaping the sound,

- The PAB (PreAmpBoost) can also be activated by the footswitch, which gives a boost that shapes the sound, very useful for solos.

- Chassis is optimised for maximum heat dissipation, helping to put as little heat stress as possible on the output tubes.


SUPERDRIVE 2 channels cascading gain amp 50W

3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes + 1x12AX7 loop tube

Footswich with 2 switch : clean/overdrive and PAB (preampboost)

- Handwired in Italy

- Configuration: 50W, 2x6L6 tubes

- Preamp: 2-Channel cascading gain (Clean, Overdrive), Footswitchable

- Preamp controls: Volume, Bright, Jazz/rock, PAB (only footswiìtch)Treble,Middle, Bass Level,Ratio

- Power Amp controls: Master, Presence

- fully buffered tube driven effects loop

- Clean/Overdrive PAB footswitch

- Tubes: 4 x 12AX7, 2x 6L6CG

- Dimensions: 52x27x25 cm.

- Weight: 13,5 Kg.

- Matching cabinet 1x12": Handmade antiqued solid larch or maple ( Additional cost together with amp 450,00€ + VAT. Separately the cabinet is 545,00€)

NordSound F:ma, Finland  

Contact name:
Rune Pettersson
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NordSound is the official distributor in Finland for Green, Vintage, Fret-King, Franfret, Paoletti, Jakobsson, Smittyguitars and Tribe basses. Vintage and Dowina acoustics as well as Ashdown, Artesound, Brunetti, Red Seven and Taurus amps.
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