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BENGE / Benji Chicago & Barbank B ♭ Trumpet / 1940 / Brass / Woodwind

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Product Details

Lightweight and trumpet famous device Benji, vintage products combined with Bell Bank in the Chicago era.

Benji Trumpet. 118 mm 1 sheel brassbell, ML (.460 ") Bore. Silver plating finish. Bellinner gold plating finish. The body is made from the 1940s of the Chicago Studio. Bell is produced at the Barbank factory (1953-1969) It has been replaced with what was done. Musical instrument weight 934 grams. No case.

The current silver plating and Bellinner gold plating are due to re -processing. Belfrea, bell torso, 2nd, scoring scores dented and corrected. 1, 3 Peeling off the plating in a part of the valve casing. Plated in the inner tube of the 2nd difference pipe (probably for loosening adjustment). The inner tube of the 3rd pipe tube is not the original but recently replaced. (The original inner tube thickness is 0.3 mm, but the one that is currently installed is 0.5 mm. The piston airtightness is slightly loose.

[Characteristics / charm]
As a luxury handmade trumpet, Benji Trumpet attracts professional players around the world. Many people imagine the use of jazz and big bands, but have also been highly evaluated as a classic player for trumpet, such as members of Doksszel and Philip Jones Brass and the Trumpet section of the Philadelphia Hibiki.

The arrivals are located in the Benz, a Bell (body excluding bells), which was produced during the home studio era in Chicago, with a bell from Chicago to Barbank, California. 。 The delicate and soft sound of Old Benji is attractive while combining the production age.
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