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Programmable true bypass strip for easy switching of multiple effects at once. 2x inputs for instrument - 1x output for tuner - 5x Mono Effects Loop – 1x stereo effects loop - 4 independent output volume control for loops 3-6  1x mono / stereo master out - 6x Programmable Bank A to F, 6x switch code. Length 635mm, width 160mm,  height 75mm. Sturdy metal chassis. True bypass technology. FINALLY IT WILL BE EASY FOR YOU AND FAST! BAYGER PS-6 IS HERE! - One step on the PS-6 opened 6 COMBINATION PRESETS! - STOP TRAMP ON YOURS EFFECT BOXES!- SWITCHING SYSTEM BAYGER PM 6 IS TOTAL TRUE BYBASS and does not take YOU OR DROP SIGNAL! - DO NOT HESITATE, YOU SAVE TIME AND NERVES, pump up your imagination!   PROGRAMMABLE EFFECT-LOOP SWITCHING SYSTEM PS-6 - Total true bypass -  For whom is intended: for all guitarists, bassists and other players musical instruments that use effect devices - boxes - a wah-wah pedals, etc., and need to be controlled in various combinations, only one step on the possibility of different combinations of preferences and without loss of sound quality in a position to effect off and use - see below.   1: PS-6 is a priority in its true bypass function - even if you use different amounts of your effects and use the switch PS-6 - as in the "effect off" not recognize any change in sound - your effects will be totally and quickly connected and disconnected guitar - cable - amplifier will be squeaky clean.   2: at PS-6 is 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 Effects Loop features a special line-in preamplifier, which is attached to the side effects from output, so that even if some older effects can amplify the effect signal / see the old chorus, phaser, etc. /, but the position effect is off, this amplifier also removed together with the effect. Potentiometers to adjust the output level of the signal are located on the back PS-6, always next to the jack out your effects loop. Signal amplification can be adjusted at a rate of-6dB to +10 dB.   3: The PS-6 is the great advantage of the opportunity to join together three instruments - such as guitar - and the replacement of broken strings for example because you do not unplug the cable jacks and toss, but only by a foot switch input select 1-3, you choose which of the three instruments connected to PS6. Most of the new PS-6 is the third input to the instrument changed to output to the tuner.   4: PS-6 offers six presets of your six effect loops. Beside that, even six more banks - A,B,C,D,E,F, which can be chosen by bank switch located next to the bank display. It gives you total of 36 combinations of effect loop connections. Sixth effect loop is stereo-out, as the master out is stereo.     5:PROGRAMMING: You are connected (9-12 V, dc), bank display and red led power is on. It indicates that you are connected to power. Led select input (1-3) indicates which input is connected to PS6. All loops are connected - an effect is applied to each of them - and you want E.g.: add loops 1-3-6 to program A1 (Bank A-preset 1, denoted by switch PRG1 and red led). Then you use the small write switch on the back side of PS6 manually (next to power jack). Red led denoted "write" starts flashing (This way you set program regime used any time you want to save a new setting.) Now: A: Using bank switch pedal you set name of a bank according what you see on the display. B: Step on pedal switch PRG1 and red led goes on. C: Press pedals EFF1 - EFF2 - EFF3 step by step. Green led goes on by each activated switch. D: Return the write swich on the back side of PS6 to the original position. This way you programmed effect loops 1-3-6 into bank A1. You can leave the program anytime by pressing switch PRG1 and switch off all the effects. By another pressing of PRG1 you return to the program. You can also add any loop to a programmed set anytime and switch it off again by pressing given switch without effecting the set program. You can also, while playing, change and use all effect loops variably. Usage Usage is simple. Those who use more boxes either at home or on stage you will save a lot of work and its concentration can concentrate on the game itself rather than switching. It is an ideal component for any pedal board, its functionality is easily in his pocket bar routine TB. Programming is extremely easy to strip and its performance is sufficiently robust. Feature is the possibility of amplification of individual cases. It is to be recommended. Technical parameters: input guitar -1 M ohm Inputt effect -100 k ohm Frequency line amplifiers - 20 Hz - 20 kHz, amplification: -6 dB / +10dB Dimensions: Length: 635 mm Width: 160mm Height: 75mm (without instrumental feet). Made in Czech Republic/EU.

Bayger Production s.r.o., Czech Republic  

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Mr. Bayger
Bayger, Paul Reed Smith, etc.
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Hello Dear Visitors,

 establishment BAYGER brand dates back to 2002 when the first Programmable switching system PS-6 was produced by Mr. Ales Bajger, who is guitarist, composer and producer and also is well know for his work like developer and designer of George-Dennis amplifiers - The Blue Series - eight various types of Tube Amplifiers and specific reproboxes for guitars and bass guitars - this work was awarded in many media of western world (see Melody Maker ‘98 – the best distorted sound for guitars in the world), a lot of artistic and construction meetings in various world fairs – NAMM Show U.S.A., Music Messe - Germany, Music Event - England and many others (1997-2002), played with world musicians and music groups, work for lot of years with sound and design of Tube Amplifiers and effects for guitars at a world level.


Over the years, with a passion group of interested people, heartfelt musicians, enthusiastic engineers, headed by the founder, gives rise to different variants of the classic, but also original products for musicians consisting of effects, switchers, AC voltage stabilizers, Amplifiers and other gadgets.

And how close we are to the music, so we opened in 2006, in our city Ostrava shop with musical instruments, focusing primarily on guitars and basses, and related things. This place is now our base and meeting place of meditation and research and a place to communicate with you and the place where we understand the musician's wishes and the place where you can come to us with confidence.

our motto:
Music is our life

and we live for those

who make it

and who promote it !


Bayger product portfolio in 2013:

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Digital Delay,





New - Unistortion,

New - Flanger,

New - Boost Brighter Stereo rack

Bayger True Bypas Programmable Switching system PS-6

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NEW - Bayger True Bypas Programmable Switching system PS-7/2

Bayger Voltage Stabilizer ST-230 2000W, 1000W, 500W, 350W, 230W and Rack versions

Bayger Accu-Power Supply,

Combinatory sustain pedal,

Bayger True ByPass switch

Bayger A/B Switch

New - Bayger A/B Switch Plus

Rider 50 guitar combo 1x12

 International dealers are welcome.

Hello Musicians,

we are open to your questions and orders. Feel free to contact us at our email address.

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