C. F. Martin & Co / D-28 / 1985 / Solid Spruce + Solid Rosewood + Nitro Finished / Guitar


Here for consideration a seldom seen mid 80's D-28.


With the original black Martin case and light service and setup, this is a players piece which would certainly please any seasoned musician.

Martin were making excellent guitars around this time, much improving on the 70's pieces, many would agree, this is a beauty, don't miss it!!

There are no cracks, no repaired cracks, no chips or lacquer cracks, no structural issues, has been serviced previously by Martin and then sent here to be serviced properly! ;)

Action low, pickup installed, player ready



Detailed description

Specs for the D-28 are timeless and readily available online, she follows the form with high grade spruce top, solid rosewood body, ebony fretboard and ebony bridge.

Historically she has been well loved and equally well maintained, the prior owner says that she was sent back to the Martin restoration shop in recent years for a full overhaul, hence fine condition throughout.

The overall appearance is near mint, with closer inspection revealing only light traces of use for a 37 year old piece, it isn't mint yet there is nothing outstanding to put a player off.

For transparency there are of course some cosmetic weatherings to consider as expected and as described here:


- Minor 'outgassing' of the binding which gives the lacquer a light sunburst halo effect around the binding, this is real subtle, tasteful even, but it is there

- It appears there has been a dual source pickup or suchlike installed some point, with two areas of adhesive velcro attached in the interior, one of which now secures the battery housing for the existing pickup, the other is redundant

- There is a lacquer retouche as shown on the left hand side on the top board near the waist, this is flat and smooth to the touch and is only really visible in oblique light as pictured. In real terms it appears as perhaps an inch and a half area of apparently uneven lacquer only when deliberately looking for such things.

- Due to the nitro lacquer on these, which is always on the move, there is some minor pitting and weathering to be seen on very close inspection, however this piece is very clean throughout and it is certain to say this stager is far above average in every way for an 80's guitar.

Frets in good shape, showing consistent wear not requiring any further work currently, just like myself! ;)

The neck has probably been reset in the Martin repair shop, documents will be included to confirm this, neck angle very good and action low at around 2.25 mm low E and 1.25 mm High E, and with adjustment room, thank you Martin!

A set of Martin factory 'liquid metal titanium' bridge pins is fitted, with the tasteful red dot and tone enhancing qualities, these are fairly expensive and a nice upgrade to have.

Also a Fishman Matrix infinity UST pickup is installed and sounds convincing.

The original case is in very good order with one replaced hinge-pin, in this case made from a cut-off nail, which is pretty standard and acceptable fix.

Martin were making excellent guitars around this time, much improving on the 70's pieces, many would agree, this is a beauty, don't miss it!!


Instrument sold

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