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Carlos Cp 1 High End 2022 Ebony
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Carlos CP-1 High End pickup 2022

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE EU, or have a valid VAT number the price lowers to EUR 1230.- !

Since 1998 Carlos Amplification set the highest levels of acoustic guitar amplification with quality and references of World most prominent guitarists like no other ac. pickups brand in the history of guitar ever achieved. This is the flagship of Carlos pickups, sounds like having a vintage tube Neumann microphone inside the guitar and even more, cause it transmits the finest wood vibrations and reacts on players touch with amazing precision and detailed response. Owners incl. Eric Clapton, Pat Metheny, George Benson, Vicente Amigo, Paulo Bellinati, Kevin Skuff, Roger Hodgson, Al di Meola and many more. Made only on order. CS sensor pictured is optional, on TRS, add 300.- if needed. Comes with soundhole gain pot in carbon housing and battery holder on velcro. Installation is free only in my spanish showroom while you wait, or if you send me guitar.

Carlos Amplification, Spain  

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