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Carlos Vip Dm 2023 Gold
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VIP DM pickup (gold edition)

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE EU, or have a valid VAT number the price lowers to EUR 570.- !

VIP Double M (M stands for mini condenser micro) is a premium choice of Flamenco stars as Amir John Haddad, Josemi Carmona (Ketama) needless to say that legendary Tomatito uses is as well as his son Jose, even Vicente Amigo has one. Amir John performed on World Tour with Hans Zimmer e.g. in U2 arena in front of 18.000 visitors, no feedbacks at all. Three controls in s-hole: master, tone and micro gain. Needs expert installation. GREAT for steel-str guitar as well. If you,re in Spain I will install it FREE of charge. For a few USA based installers contact me after the purchase.

Carlos Amplification, Spain  

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Carlos Juan
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