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Cornell / First Fuzz / Stainless / Effect

Cornell 1st Fuzz.

High Input jack. Volume Fuzz. Switches: True bypass. Polished stainless steel housing. Easy-fit 9 volt (PP3) battery compartment.

We use Germanium transistors which were the first type of transistor generally available in the early 1960s. There are several types but we found that the NKT 275 to have the best Fuzz tone.

The transistors are selected according to our parameters, but even then we have added a bias pot because this type of transistor is likely to drift over a period of time or in varying temperatures. We also use Carbon Composition resistors just like the original Germanium Fuzz Face™ pedals.

What Guitarist magazine says:

The 1st Fuzz is really an original Fuzz Face fanatic's Holy Grail and Cornell's version is more available than many of its competitors, more consistent in build and comes as close to the original without the desperate searching and monstrous outlay.

Instrument sold

Cornell , UK  

Contact name:
Cornell Guitar Amplification
Guitar Amplification
Opening hours:
By appointment.

Denis Cornell is a modern day amp guru who reflects on the past only in as much as may serve his forward thinking and uncompromising ideals. If no-compromise amplification with tone beyond compare sounds appealing, then be assured that promising to create and capture tonal perfection is entirely within Denis Cornell's capabilities. Denis has intimate design and service knowledge of Vox amplification

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