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Dagpedals / JETFUZZ / 2020 / Purple / Effect For Sale

DAG describes the Jetfuzz as lying somewhere between a Tone Bender and Big Muff on the fuzz continuum. If that sounds like a broad—even unlikely—range, I feel you, but the description is pretty apt. At the far end of its travel, the Jetfuzz’s Fuzz control (the knob marked with a square wave semaphore) is very Muff-like: It’s thick and saturated, and, while it doesn’t have the (slightly) scooped profile of a Muff, the enormous low end is similar, and, in that context, the midrange might seem somewhat diminished. However, as soon as you begin rolling the Fuzz control back, you’re immediately in Tone Bender land, where the fuzz is rich-but-raspy and, depending on the setting, clipped in the classic Tone Bender MKII manner, or, as you continue to move counter-clockwise, open and raw, like a MKI. In addition to the Fuzz control, there’s a “Jet” control. DAG says this knob adds “grittiness”; I say it adds upper mids but, in doing so, it also adds some compression, which affects the fuzz. The Tone control is very well voiced, and the long travel of the large knob allows for subtle use. Fully clockwise, the tone is bright and sharp but not shrill; counterclockwise, the tone is rich and dark, but not dull—think of Jimmy Page’s interesting EQ choices in Zeppelin. The Volume control offers gobs of output; if you’re like me and need to switch from (relatively) clean rhythm to fuzzed-out solos, the Jetfuzz will cover the difference. So, between the four controls, the pedal covers a lot of ground. In practice, this led to a lot of fantastic tones…with single coils. I was able to nail J. Mascis tones with Fuzz at full bore. Rolling back the Fuzz control by about 25 percent got me into distinctly early Jeff Beck territory. Rolling back a little further got me a slightly splattier take on Ronson, and then the control dropped into distortion territory before finally arriving at something very lo-fi. Throughout, despite the very raw character of the fuzz, articulation was good. - See more at:


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All DAG pedals feature:

- Point to point circuit wired in tagboard.

- 15mm folded Steel custom enclosure designed for live performance.

- Angled switch for easy operation, avoiding changing the pedal settings when pushing the switch.

- Though the enclosures are quite big, dimensions are optimized for pedalboards , input and output are located at the front   not at the sides,saving space in your pedalboard and allowing for more pedals side by side (you can place more DAG’s in     the same level on a pedalboard than MXR style for example).

- Proudly made in the Island of Mallorca.



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