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Diezel Amplification / VH4 / 2010's / Black / Amp For Sale

Launched in 1994 the VH4 was a milestone in guitar amplification. The head has a powerful 100 Watt section, 4 individual preamps, each with individual equalization and volume/gain controls and is fully midi switchable. At that time that was unique - a head which replaced refridgerator sized racks. Additionally the VH4 has serial and parallel loops and the so called channel inserts to add pedals specifically for each channel, like a analogue chorus just for clean or a compressor for crunch.

The four preamps are: clean, crunch, mega and lead. The clean channel (additional bright switch) has the Diezel-typical HiFi-clean, but with its gain pot is able to reproduce the powerful and warmer Hiwatt territory as well.
The crunch channel (also with bright switch) starts where the clean ends: warm, powerful clean sounds. Variation of the controls (volume, gain) will open the amp to sonic dimensions of semi-crunch and full crunch sounds.
The mega channel is the typical Diezel trademark sound. Nuff said. Try it, love it.
The lead channel starts, where the mega ends: more compression, more smoothness - a singing/screaming lead at its best.

The VH4 is the ultimate sound machine for numerous styles. With its deep section also suitable for many heavier styles, but also the perfect central for Top 40 guitarists looking for the whole spectrum of guitar sounds from yetsreday to today. Still a masterpiece - the VH4.

Model:      VH4
Output:     90-160 Watt
Channels:  4 indepedent: clean, crunch, mega, lead
Loops:      serial, parallel, 4 channel inserts
Equalization:     per channel: bass, midlle, treble global: presence, deep
Preamp:    4 individual preamps with gain & vol
Poweramp:     monoaural, accepts EL34, 6550, 6L6, KT88, . . .

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Diezel Amplification, Germany  

Contact name:
Peter Stafper
Diezel Amps
English & German
Guitar Amplification
Opening hours:
By appointment.

The DIEZEL amps are manufactured in the heart of Germany. A small, creative team ensures the fact that the development walks constantly in front of the guitar amplifier sector, particularly in tube technology.

As a master of his class the name Peter Diezel stands for highest quality and innovation. His experience of many years as musician as well as technician made it possible to solve sound problems of guitarists and to give a new dimension to guitar amplification with his achievements.
DIEZEL - amps are all to a large extent hand-made and developed with absolute care and precision.

These amps are not at all assembly-line produced. Highest quality of construction units, durable and long-lived finish make them to sound machines second to none.

The newest product proves DIEZEL quality once again : The ultimate power package named HERBERT will define the future of guitar sounds all over the world!

Please call us for ordering or contact one of our local dealers:

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