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Earthtone / Casanova / Effect For Sale

Transistor booster 2N3819 with outgoing gain max 20db.

It is a small pre-amp suitable as to increase outgoing loudness coming from a sequence of effects (if we put it at the end of the sequence), or even as to mainly saturate the sequence entry signal.

Bright sound nature, surging while picking (a typical transistor feature), it is preferably employed in clean rhythms, funky, country, and whenever you need a high-pitched timbre and mostly during rhythmic harmonic parts. While using it as a pre-amp, before the effects sequence, it enhances the saturation of the sound, always giving the same colored feature in treble.

Earthtone , Italy  

Contact name:
Luca Gabrielli / Massimiliano Manocchia
English, Italian
Guitar Pedals
Opening hours:

We created a new generation of pedals, built with original design circuits that are not copying anything else. This is the result of a long research work, both on tube and transistor pedals and represents an evolution in the analog world tradition, both with style and versatility. We use top quality components and our effects are meant to reduce to zero all the unwanted noises and to keep dimensions and weight to the essential.

We strongly encourage you to try and adapt them to the most different situations. Our sales policy are easy and direct, you can check our website and we ship with tracked packaging to all the countries in the world. The names of our effects are inspired by positive sensations, flavours or great charismatic characters that inspired us during the making.

The pedals are packed in our exclusive wood case that includes the guarantee and the CE Certifications according to European rules. The pedal’s case is a metal box, professionally painted and then with a professional serigraphy, and knobs and switches are made of metal too.

Earthtone is based in Sassuolo, Modena, Italy, in a land known worldwide for its creativity, craftsmanship, technology and research. Our products are proudly made In Italy.

Follow our Analog Heart!

Note: Buyers are responsable for any and all duties and customs charges that may be incurred in their country.

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