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The MHP NITROUS BOOST Version 2 is now shipping! It now features a discrete dual gain stage circuit. The first stage is linear in nature, so that you get a true volume boost without any added saturation or treble spikes. And the second stage blends in just the right amount of harmonics and presence, for a bit of the sweet stuff. The dual gain stage setup has advantages over a single stage boost. Two stages that aren't run as hard as a single will produce less noise. The tones are linear until you back off your volume control, and then the presence increases, in effect giving you the best of both worlds. And since the gain stages function so differently, the end result is a mixture of boosted tones that are simply impossible to achieve with a single stage. The MHP NITROUS BOOST circuit is literally complex in comparison to most other boost designs. Red textured powder coat finish. $145.00 with FREE (domestic) shipping!
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 ASSORTED SOUND SNIPPETS: Here's the MHP NITROUS BOOST through two very different amps. The first clip showcases it's linear/clean boosting capabilities, when you don't want any clipping or alteration of your signal - just the original guitar tone, only louder. The second clip showcases it's ability to boost an
amp that's starting to break up on it's own, into full blown tube amp overdrive. Even when pushing hard, the MHP NITROUS BOOST allows the overall signature characteristics of the amp to dominate.

NITROUS BOOST - Clean/Linear - Single Coils -Deluxe Reverb with Weber 12F150 - Vol on

NITROUS BOOST - Hard Boost - Humbuckers -Marshall Super Lead with 2X12 G12M and G12-80 - Vol on

Shipped inside the USA Price:$108(USD)~approx.€96
Shipped to Canada Price:$174(USD)~approx.€110
Shipped worldwide Price:$182(USD)~approx.€115


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Who And What We Are  MHP is Keith Aviles. But the old saying that no man is an island is truly appropriate, as the "MHP Unofficial Roster" is so responsible in many ways for helping to ensure that the pedals and mods really perform, that you receive them quickly, and that there is no need to outsource (even locally), to ensure that Keith's ideas, vision, personal building style, and picky quality control process are never compromised. For this reason, the plural references in regards to MHP will stay as they are. Everything is done in house and entirely by hand, including drilling and powdercoating enclosures, 100% hand wiring, design and implementation of enclosure graphics, and even etching of the circuit boards.

Why Choose A Pedal From MHP?  That is the big question, and can really only be answered by the individual guitarist. The needs of any two are rarely the same. And no amount of mass advertising and self touted credentials will ever truly communicate that, either. So we are counting on the "MHP Recipe" to make true believers out of you, if we have to do it one email at a time, one phone conversation at a time, one sale at a time. This recipe combines a knowledge of technology, design, production, creativity, research, and a true desire to communicate with you. There's a touch of bravado as well, as Keith is not one to simply replicate classic designs. Some unusual techniques are used to reach goals as well, along with a 21st century mindset.

...But what is obviously important is how MHP pedals sound and perform. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised. Very surprised. This is backed up by the "one week deal" with standard MHP hand built pedals.

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